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Wooden tube polishing machine

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1. Change the angle grinder to a belt grinder within one minute.
2. Very suitable for wood, metal, polished stainless steel, polishing, easy and fast polishing.
3. You can install sander accessories on the table to provide you with an excellent polishing rack.
4. Less impact, less noise, higher stability, suitable for precise DIY work.
5. Multifunctional, save cost and improve efficiency.
6. A strong support made of cast iron and aluminum alloy makes it strong.
7. It can be used in home or industry with a wide range of uses.
Material: Aluminum alloy
installation steps:
1: Mount M10 / M14 threaded connector on angle grinder
2: Mount the bracket on the angle grinder
3: Install the abrasive belt

Material: Aluminum alloy
Type: M10, M14
Size: (approximately) 52x27x27.5cm
Belt size: (approximately) 740X40mm

Package Included:
(Excluding angle grinder) 1 PC X with attachment Sander
5 × sand belt computer (including 60 120 240 400 600 granularity (about 740x40mm)