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Visual Blackhead and Pore cleaner with built-in Camera - See Through your phone

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Color: Rose gold

Visual Blackhead Vacuum

Function description: Sucking out blackheads: The vacuum suction mechanism can lift and massage the skin. Lifting and removing wrinkles: Lifting massage for special parts that are difficult to clean. 

Cleans pores: Targeted absorption of dirt, blackhead grease and acne. Lifting massage: vacuum air suction mechanism, lifting massage on the skin. Four major functions for skin care: While treating blackheads, it also repairs the skin. 

Skin pore vacuum cleaner: remove stubborn blackheads and dig deep pore dirt. Four-speed adjustment: Long press for three seconds to turn on the machine, short press is for gear adjustment.

Three-in-one: Blackhead + Eye Beauty + Skin Detection, which can introduce nutrient molecules to 5 mm under the skin, and effectively absorb the skin around the eyes to quickly moisturize and plump. 


Name: Visual blackhead instrument 

Charging method: USB charging 

Adjustment mode: four gears 

Connection method: wireless WIFI 

Note: Please use the correct operation method, otherwise it will cause redness/purple absorption; 

1. Try it with your hands and adjust the suction power. It is recommended to use the first gear for the first use. The liquid with small blackheads should be tested behind the ears for allergies. 

2. After cleansing, apply a hot towel or steamer for 10 minutes, and then apply a blackhead extract for 8-10 minutes. 

3. When sucking blackheads, do not exceed 3 seconds, otherwise it will suck red and purple.

4. Apply pore-refining essence, with a cold compress mask, the effect is better.