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Star Viewing Large Caliber Professional High Magnification Telescope

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Product information:
Resolution: 1.84
Purpose: astronomical telescope
Specifications: style 1: Basic wireless remote control, Style 2: mobile phone photography wireless remote control Round phone holder, Style 3: sun and moon observation wireless remote control sun filter, style 4: all-round observation wireless remote control round mobile phone holder sun filter, style 5: basic, Style 6: Basic Five Times Mirror, style 7: basic PL wide-angle eyepiece, Style 8: round mobile phone holder five times mirror, style 9: Round phone holder PL wide-angle eyepiece, Style 10: Round phone holder PL wide-angle eyepiece Five Times Mirror, style 11: Round phone holder PL wide-angle eyepiece five times mirror sunglasses
Structure: monocular telescope

Purpose: Astronomical telescope
Exit pupil distance: 700 (mm)
Exit pupil diameter: 76 (mm)
Field of view: 1.2
Resolution: 1.84

Packing list:
Phone holder+PL wide-angle eyepiece+5x lens+sunglasses

Product Image: