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Optical Experimental set - Physics

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This kit is to explore and understand reflection refraction of concave and convex lenses. It comes with a laser beam producing device that makes the rays visible and thus making it very clear for learners to see how the light is effected by the convex or concave nature of the lens. 

A must-have resource for classroom and makerspace

Optical experiment box set
Material: acrylic
Batteries Needed: 2 pieces AAA batteries (NOT included for safety)

Optical experiment, Physics teaching instrument, Physics experiment, Study the propagation path of light

Box Including

  • 1x Dial with Angle (it is attached to the box),
  • 1x Small Sink,
  • 1x Spherical Mirror (both sides are: convex mirror, concave mirror),
  • 1x Convex Lens,
  • 1x Concave Lens,
  • 1x Rectangular Glass Brick,
  • 1x Semi-circular Glass Brick,
  • 1x Triangular Prism (equilateral triangle),
  • 2x Plane Mirror,
  • 1x Brown Glass Plate (flat mirror),
  • 3x Chess,
  • 1x Three-line Semiconductor Laser Light Source,
  • 1x ф30 Lenticular Lens with Frame