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Salange Projector Screen

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Size: 120 inch

Screen Instruction

1. This Screen adopts high-density fiber material, no smell, no harm to the human body. The metal layer, plus bead particles, increases the brightness;

2. Do not need to close the door and windows in the daytime, we also can experience the excellent projection effect;

3. It's a grey curtain, effectively improve the projection contrast.

How to get the best projection effect?

The projector and screen are linear, and the audience is in the front. The viewing angle is about 30-40°. the Best viewing angle is about 0 - 10°


1. You can restore the folded screen by iron the back face like the cloth, or binding the screen. When you are using the iron to remove the creases, suggest ironed the iron at medium temperature(below 100℃) and with more patience;

2. Usually, we will cut the size of the screen a little bigger, if have a 1-3 cm deviation, wish you don't mind it, The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3 cm;

3. Due to the volume limit, we will fold it for transport. Therefore, there are a few creases when you receive them.

Package includes:

1 x Salange HX820 Projector Screen;

1 x Gift 10Set = 20pcs velcro ( 30 inch screen no gift).

( It doesn't include the frame, you can make the frame with wood from your local markets )

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