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Manual Noodle Making Press

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Color: 02Noodle machine

100% new high quality
Place the good noodles in the noodle machine and rotate the handle to squeeze the noodles out.
The simple and convenient hand-crank design makes it easy to operate, and it is a pleasure to do your own delicious egg noodles.
Or use it in the small noodle restaurant. It is also a rare practical gadget. It can make a multi-function pasta machine with round and flat noodles. It is very easy to use.

Can produce product type: noodle machine
Range of noodles: tea restaurant equipment
Suitable for the crowd: no limit
Age: unlimited
Type: Kitchenware
Function: Pasta making
Type: Manual
Features: simple operation
Features: easy to use
material: plastic
Features: multiple styles
Features: Various eating methods/7 kinds of molds

Package Content:
1 x Tool