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Professional Astronomical Refractor 40070 Telescopes

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Spend a night outside, or evening stargazing, 40070 is one of the best telescope for beginners. Watching night sky fascinates every one, specially children. Expose them to explore the universe and know more about the huge space around our planet earth. 


Optical System Refractor
Model 5×24
Objective 70 mm
Focal length 400 mm
Focus ratio 11.25
Eyepiece 10 mm 25 mm
Angle of view 1.3°
Magnification 40x 16x
Star Finder 5 x 24
Zenith Mirror 48
Optical Coating FMC Green Film
Barov Extender 3x
Exit Pupil Diameter 2.2 mm
Resolution ≤4.0
Tripod Aluminum Alloy Retractable Tripod
Weight 3 kg
Packing Dimension 65 × 23 × 13 cm
Line view 61 ft (18.59 m)
Main Material optical glass, aluminum, iron, plastic
Storage Conditions should be stored in a sheltered, dry place, no acid gas, alkali and harmful substances around