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22AWG JST PH2.0 2Pin Micro Battery Male Female Connect Plug

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Color: PH 2.0MM

22AWG Connector Cable for JST PH 2mm 2.0mm 2 Pin Balance Adapter -  Male Female 

Product Description:

Wire Gauge: 22AWG

Wire Outer Diameter: 0.642mm (22AWG)

Current Rating: 2A

Wire Rated Temperature: 80

Wire Rated Voltage: 300V

Wire Material: Tinned Copper

Polarity: Positive (Red) | Negative (Black)

Length: 10CM / 15CM / 20CM

Pins: 2 Pins

Quantity: 10 Pairs / 30 Pairs

“M” means Male, “F” means Female.

Wide Application: It is mainly used for mini remote control helicopter, indoor 3D plane, LED strips, LED wall-washers, LED belt light, curtain light, twinkle light, automobiles, robots, lighting, toys,batteries etc.

Why Choose US?

1.The inner and outer diameter of the wire is thicker, and it is not easy to break.

2.100% stranded copper wire for better conductivity.

3.Tinned Copper wire, easy to solder, not easy to rust.

4.Environmentally Friendly PCV,no pungent smell and thick smoke when burning.

5.Good flame retardancy,away from the source of the fire,it will stop burning.