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Ultra-Quiet Pet Water Fountain Filter 1.5L

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Size: 110V US Plug
Color: Green white
Upgrade your pet's hydration game.
🐾 What it is - Say goodbye to noisy water fountains with our Ultra-Quiet Pet Water Fountain equipped with a smart automatic filter and burnout prevention pump. Ideal for cats, dogs, and most pets, this 1.5L water dispenser offers three flow speed modes for clean tap water, keeping your furry friend happier and healthier.

🐶 Why you need it - Ensure your pet always has access to fresh, clean water without the need for frequent refills. Reduce the risk of illness and keep your pet hydrated throughout the day, even when you're not around.

😻 Why you'll love it - Made of food-grade PC material, this pet fountain is environmentally friendly, nontoxic, tasteless, and durable. The silent pump design minimizes noise, while the quick-release structure allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

- Automatic pet water dispenser with 1.5L capacity
- 3 water flow speeds for cleaner water
- Reduces the risk of pet illnesses
- Environmentally friendly food-grade material
- Silent pump design for minimal noise
- Easy to disassemble and clean

🐾 How to use it:
1. Ensure the pump is clean for optimal performance.
2. Adjust the water flow speed to your pet's preference.
3. Enjoy watching your pet stay hydrated and happy all day long!

🔒 Guarantee: Keep your pet happy and healthy with our Ultra-Quiet Pet Water Fountain Filter. Order yours today and provide your furry friend with the best hydration solution.