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Thin 2.5mm LED Strip 1M - 5 Colors

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Color: white
Illuminate your space with the Thin 2.5mm LED Strip 1M in 5 vibrant colors! 🌟

🌈 What it is - This 1 meter LED strip operates on 5V, emitting bright light in white, red, blue, green, and yellow. Perfect for model airplanes, sand tables, and decorative accents.

💡 Why you need it - Solve all your lighting needs with this versatile LED strip. Enhance your projects with customizable lighting solutions for a unique and engaging display. Save energy with low power consumption.

✨ Why you'll love it - Enjoy the flexibility of cutting this strip to your desired length. The thin 2.5mm width allows for discreet placement in tight spaces. Create a magical ambiance with vibrant colors that make your creations stand out.

Light up your model airplanes, sand tables, or any DIY project with ease using this LED strip. Add a pop of color to your space or showcase your creativity by exploring various lighting effects.

How to use it:
- Simply connect the strip to a power source
- Cut to desired length for a custom fit
- Use adhesive backing for easy installation
- Experiment with different placements and color combinations

Illuminate your world with this versatile LED strip today and bring your projects to life! 🌈✨