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Powerful Iron Magnet Piece

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Color: Silver


1. Strong suction

It is well used in various packaging boxes and shells. Although small, it can provide super-strong magnetic energy product of 41.8kj/cubic meter with higher performance magnets, and the remanence is also 460mT. , So that the packaging gift shell can be firmly adsorbed and will not cause falling.

2. Small size:

The thin-film magnet with a volume of only a few millimeters will not have any influence on the image of the product itself in appearance, and the integrity of the product is preserved.

Product information:

Material: Neodymium magnet

Tolerance: ±1.2mm

Certification: RoHS passed

Category: N35

Maximum working temperature: 80C / 176F

Electroplating: nickel + copper + nickel three-layer electroplating

Packing list:

1*Magnet piece