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Magnetic Elliptical Fitness Equipment Black

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Color: Black

1、Elliptical machine, uses high‑quality PP plastic and steel pipe materials, a strong structure, and maximum support of 265 pounds.
2、With LCD digital monitor, directly display time, speed, distance, calories burned, pulse rate, and scan.
3、It is very suitable for exercising arms, legs, calves, buttocks, abdominal muscles, and waist, can be used at home and gym.
4、Magnetically controlled large flywheel, firm and stable, running smoothly, will not swing from side to side even in strenuous exercise.
5、Hand‑held heart rate test, and heart rate sensor handle will display heart rate information through LCD, allowing you to check your physical condition during exercise.
6、Level 8 diamagnetism, easy to adjust exercise strength, whole-body exercise acts on your upper body and lower body at the same time, enhance strength by isolating your legs or arms.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Elliptical Machine
Material: PP Plastic, Steel Pipe
Elliptical Trainer: Chain cover black, electronic meter TE-2500
Display Function: Time, speed, mileage, calories, heart rate watch with mobile phone holder.
4KG 2-way flywheel
1 stage crank
8 segment fine adjustment
Electronic Meter Case Size: Approx. 90x122mm / 3.5x4.8in
LCD Size: Approx. 34x30.5mm / 1.3x1.2in
Dial Battery: 2 x AA Battery (Battery Not Included)
Product Size: Approx. 155.5x79.5x51cm / 61.2x31.3x20.1in

Package Content:
1 x Elliptical Machine (Battery Not Included)
1 x Accessory Kit
1 x Manual