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Skyoptikst 1000x 114mm Reflector Telescope

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Discover the universe like never before with the Skyoptikst 1141000 Reflector Newtonian Astronomical Telescope. 🌌

🔭 What it is - This high-power telescope features a primary mirror diameter of 114mm and a focal length of 1000mm, delivering stunning views of space, stars, planets like Saturn and Jupiter, and even the moon.

⭐ Why you need it - Solve the mysteries of the universe with ease. Perfect for both beginners and advanced astronomers, this telescope comes with a range of accessories like eyepieces, a Barlow lens, a finder scope, and an equatorial mount tripod for stable viewing.

💫 Why you'll love it - Immerse yourself in the cosmos with the fully multicoated lens that provides clear, crisp images. Explore the night sky, track celestial movements, and capture mesmerizing views of distant galaxies.

🌠 How to use it - Set up the telescope on the sturdy aluminum alloy tripod, adjust the focus using the interchangeable eyepieces, and start your astronomical journey. Perfect for stargazing enthusiasts or educational purposes.

🌟 Satisfaction guaranteed - Embark on a celestial adventure with confidence. If you have any questions or issues, feel free to contact us. Experience the wonders of the universe with the Skyoptikst 1141000 Reflector Newtonian Astronomical Telescope!