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Neodymium Magnet 15mm x 3mm Hole 3mm N35 NdFeB Round Super Powerful Strong Permanent Magnetic Disc

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Size: 15x3-3mm
Color: 12pcs

Product Size:15X3-3mm
Material: NdFeB permanent Magnets

Plating: Nickel+Copper+Nickel triple layer plated
Magnetization direction: thickness magnetization N S poles on the upper and lower sides
Maximum working temperature: <80℃


1. The large neodymium magnets are extremely strong, and must be handled with care to avoid personal injury and damage to the magnets. Fingers and other body parts can get severely pinched between two attracting magnets. It is easy broken,please be careful.

2. Never place neodymium magnets near electronics

3. Neodymium magnets are brittle, and can peel, crack or shatter if allowed to slam together.

4. Neodymium magnets will lose their magnetic properties if heated above 80°C/176°F.

5. Keep the magnets away from children.