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Tuya Smart Lock - Invisible Electronic RFID Lock

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Color: tuya black 5card
🚪 Unlock your door with ease and style with the Tuya Smart Lock!
🔒 What it is - An indoor wooden door lock with multiple unlocking options including outdoor IC card, indoor button, and Tuya app for a convenient experience.

🌟 Why you'll love it - Enjoy a seamless setup with no punching or measurements needed. Comes in black, silver, or gold to complement your decor.

👍 Why you need it - This intelligent lock offers a one-year battery life, automatic door locking, and voice prompts for low battery replacement.

💡 How to use it:
- Choose your preferred unlocking method
- Install the lock on nonmetallic doors
- Enjoy the convenience of invisible locking technology

🌈 Guarantee - Keep your home secure and stylish with the Tuya Smart Lock. Get yours now and experience the future of door security!