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Smart phone cooler - Heat extractor

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Color: DLA6

🌟 Revolutionize Your Cooling Experience 🌬️

🌡️ What it is - Introducing the MEMO CX07 CX04 Wireless Charging Magnetic Semiconductor Mobile Phone Refrigerator Cooler Radiator. This innovative device utilizes magnetic wireless charging technology for a hassle-free cooling experience.

🧊 Why you need it -
- Keep your phone cool while it charges wirelessly
- Say goodbye to bulky cooling pads and fans
- Enjoy efficient cooling on the go

🌟 Why you'll love it -
- Compact and portable design for on-the-go convenience
- Instant cooling relief for your phone
- Fast and efficient wireless charging

💡 How to use it -
Simply attach your phone to the magnetic cooling pad and experience instant cooling while your device charges wirelessly. Perfect for long commutes, travel, or hot summer days.

✨ Stay cool and charged wherever you go with the MEMO Wireless Charging Refrigerator Cooler Radiator. Limited time offer! Get yours today and enjoy a premium cooling experience!