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Pastel Highlighters Pen Set

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Illuminate your world with the 6Pcs Pastel Highlighters Pen Art Drawing Graffiti Marker Pen Set. 🌈 Crafted from premium plastic and fiber material, these highlighters are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and ensure long-lasting, clear text that dries quickly without staining. The free-flowing ink allows for smooth use without smudging. The square, flat design of the highlighter body provides easy grip and prevents rolling, making it perfect for detail work, writing, drawing, and coloring. The soft and mild colors protect your eyes and help you emphasize key points. Ideal for diary planning, work, study, and more, these highlighters are small, lightweight, and portable - perfect for on-the-go use. Each set includes 6 highlighters in assorted colors. 🖍️

- Made of high-quality plastic and fiber material
- Easy to grip design to prevent rolling
- Smooth and comfortable to use
- Soft, mild colors to protect eyes and emphasize key points
- Suitable for diary planning, work, study, and more
- Portable and lightweight for on-the-go use

How to use: Simply glide the highlighter on your page without damaging the paper to enhance your notes and drawings. Perfect for students, office workers, and home use. Add a pop of pastel color to your everyday writing and art projects with this premium highlighter set!

Grab your Pastel Highlighters Pen Set now and level up your highlighting game!