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High power telescope

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Color: Sliver

Model: F30070M
Maximum magnification of this model: 150 times (objective lens focal length/eyepiece focal length * several barov multiples = maximum magnification)
Aperture is the most important index that chooses telescope, aperture and clarity and price are proportional.
A. functions:This one can gross weight about 2 kg and can see the circular island of the moon. (if you want to be exactly like, can refer to the store 70060 exactly like version, you can direct view). Tripod height: 38CM.
B. about configuration:The focal length is 300mm, the aperture is 70mm, with 2 eyepieces: H6(for day viewing) and H20 (for moon viewing at night), plus 3 times barov lens and 1.5 times barov lens and moon lens. Moon mirror: because there is a lot of reflected light interference when viewing a full moon, using a moon mirror can eliminate this interference and allow the moon's surface to see more clearly. Please screw the moon mirror into the lower thread of the eyepiece before connecting the eyepiece to the zenith mirror.
C. about multiples:Eyepieces: H6mm, the multiple of H20mm: 300/6=50 times, 300/20=15 times. If 3 times of barov mirror is selected again, then the multiple of 50X3=150 times,15X3=45 times; The multiples are: 50x1.5 =75 times, 15x1.5 =22.5 times. Namely: minimum magnification factor: 15 times, maximum magnification factor: 150 times.
Note: only one installation can be selected for two eyepieces (H6mm,H20mm) at the same time.