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2 Layer Grid Hermetic Bento Lunch Box

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Upgrade your lunch game with our 2 Layer Grid Hermetic Bento Lunch Box!

🍱 What it is - Made of food-grade PP silicone in Blue, Green, Rose Red, and White. This bento box features 6 grids across 2 layers.

💼 Why you'll love it - Heat it in the microwave (without top cover and partition, not exceeding 3 minutes). The multi-compartment design keeps your food fresh and odor-free. Perfect for outdoor activities, picnics, work, or school.

🌟 Why you need it - This bento box is easy to clean, portable, and comes with a fork and spoon. Take your meals to the next level with convenience and style.

Enjoy fresh and neatly packed meals on the go with our 2 Layer Grid Hermetic Bento Lunch Box. Say goodbye to boring lunches and hello to a hassle-free dining experience!

How to use:
- Heat in microwave without top cover and partition for up to 3 minutes.
- Pack your favorite foods into the 6 different compartments.
- Snap on the top cover securely before you head out.
- Easily clean and pack it with you for a portable meal option.

Get yours now and elevate your lunch routine!