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Kids Silicone Pencil Holder Grip

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Color: M3047-2Pink-2Blue
Elevate your child's writing experience with our Soft Silicone Pencil Holder Grip.
🌈 What it is - Specifically designed for kids learning to write, these pencil holders correct posture and aid grip for smoother, neater handwriting.
🌟 Why you need it - Encourages proper writing posture, improves handwriting for kids and adults, made of eco-friendly soft and non-toxic silicone.
💖 Why you'll love it - Soft and flexible silicone for comfortable use, harmless material that promotes ergonomic writing, comes in a variety of colors for kids to choose from. Each pack contains multiple holders for extended use.
How to use:
1. Slide the pencil into the holder.
2. Ensure a comfortable grip for the child.
3. Let them enjoy smoother writing and improved posture.
Enhance your child's writing journey with our Silicone Pencil Holder Grip today.